Create Nintendo music on Windows


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FamiTracker is a musical-creation application that you can use to build Nintendo-style melodies from scratch. It has a simple interface, and even if the large amount of different options seems overwhelming at first, rest assured that you'll be able to pick it up in no time.

Although you can choose to create your own music from the ground up, you can also import demo songs that have been included with the program. Once you've done that, you can not only listen to them but also edit them and use them as a base to work from, which could end up making your job a lot easier.

As is typical with editing programs like this one, it may seem very complicated at the beginning, but if you have a little patience and work on your project step by step, you'll be able to compose songs worthy of any 16-bit video game.

FamiTracker is a spectacular, fun music creation tool that also enables you to easily export your work to different formats.
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